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I Have Found a Great Place to Stay

I just got started on the move, but things are going fine. Of course I loved this place while I was in school. It was only about a ten minute walk from my front door to the campus. The bus stopped about fifty yards away and I could watch it’s progress on my phone and walk outside as it was pulling up. Then it would drop me off right in front of where I wanted to go. At any rate my new roommate is an unusual guy, he seems to make his living on betting sites. The guy is obvious a math genius and you would be a fool to play poker for money with him. If I were doing what he does I would need a calculator or an app to tell me what the right move is most situations, but he knows it all instantly. He seems to care almost nothing about the money the way that a normal guy does.

At any rate I knew this guy when I was growing up and I ran into in a bar about six weeks ago. Continue reading